Where has the time gone…

I can’t believe my last post was in March…wow!  I’m happy to report that my elbow is getting better, so much so that I have been doing a little knitting each day for the past couple of weeks.  I didn’t want to post anything for fear of jinxing myself but I think I have FINALLY turned a corner – woohoo!

Last year I somehow hurt my elbow – after several weeks of suffering, I finally went to the doctor and got diagnosed.  They call it golfer’s elbow, the funny thing is I don’t golf!  When I started reading about it I found that knitting can cause it as well, I still laugh when I think that I could actually get injured by knitting – LOL!    The first suggestion was to get a compression band and wear that everyday – and stop knitting!  If it didn’t get better my next option would be to consider surgery – what? NO WAY!

I got the compression band and wore it all the time and eventually, reluctantly stopped knitting.  Until a few weeks ago, I had not done any knitting for over 5 months!  I wanted to test the waters to see if I could do just a little knitting without my elbow hurting, so a few weeks ago I decided I would do just one round on each of my two WIPs and see how I felt the next day.  I had no issues so I kept that up for about a week and for the last two nights I’ve done a few extra rounds on each.  I’m so happy that I’m finally able to knit without any elbow pain!!!  I don’t want to push too much, too soon so I’ll keep it to a minimum; but at least I feel better knowing that I’m making some progress  :-)

I’m almost done with the mismatched socks I started over a year ago (!), just need to finish the cuff and cast off

socks 8.22.14

I’ve added a few inches to my Picovoli tank

top 8.22.14


I have been woefully absent from my knitting blog because I haven’t been knitting :-(  I was having a problem with the tendon in my elbow (golfer’s elbow they call it) and I just haven’t been able to knit.  I got an elbow band and have been wearing it almost every day in hopes it would speed the healing process.  I did try to knit a few times while wearing it but I found that my elbow would hurt later so I decided to abandon knitting altogether until it heals.

Depending on what you read on the internet it can take up to six months to heal (what?!) but I can tell that it’s getting better and it’s only been about three months – so I can only hope I’ll be able to start knitting again here soon.  I still have two knitting projects sitting in plain sight and each time I walk by I just shake my head because it makes me so sad  :-(  I’ve been good about not trying to force it but I really have the urge to finish up these projects and start something new.  However I know I need to wait at least another month before I make an attempt.

Until then, I’ll continue to keep up with the blogs from other knitters and live vicariously through them…


Knitting accessories

I was tired of my knitting projects sitting out in the open or stuffed in a closet so I decided I would try to make a tote bag to carry and store my project.  I found a great tutorial for a reversible tote and went to Walmart to find some clearance fabric (I didn’t want to buy expensive fabric for my experiment!).  I found two that I liked and bought a yard of each ($3.oo/yard).  Over the past two days made these:

first tote

The first bag is blue paisley on the outside and red hearts on the inside.  I didn’t follow the instructions on this first attempt thinking “I know how to do this”…ha, was I ever wrong!  I completed the bag but it’s not reversible and the handles are very unattractive.

Second tote inside

The second bag is a little bigger and I made sure I followed the instructions this time!  I also made a modification by adding interfacing to the outside fabric so the bag will stand up very well on it’s own.  I have to say that it was pretty difficult turning the work right-side out with the interfacing but I finally got it done.

Second tote1

Here are the bags side by side so you can tell the size difference.  All in all I’m pretty happy with them, I learned how to use interfacing and I also learned that thread tension is pretty important to the finishing!  I will definitely make more of these and hopefully keep getting better each time.

Knitting injury?

Seriously, can one get injured knitting?  Ever heard of Knitter’s Elbow?  Well, that’s what my doctor thinks is causing my elbow tendonitis…really?  You’ve got to be kidding me?  LOL!

Ok so with that said, do you think I’ve stopped knitting…well of course not!  I’ve got socks on the needles, a tank top I started in October and I still haven’t finished the Sophisticate sweater intended for my grandson {{{lowers head in shame}}}.

Yes, the socks I’m working on are two different colors because I only have one skein of each color and just couldn’t figure out how to knit two socks off of one skein at the same time…so when I’m done I’ll have one of each color, then I’ll immediately cast on the mates!

socks 11.29.13

The tank is Picovoli by Grumperina, I started on this in October after going to my LYS where I found Cascade Ultra Pima cotton in Pewter and just couldn’t resist.

tank 11.29.13

I guess I’ll just keep plugging away, taking necessary breaks, until I get one of my many projects finished.

What I’m working on now…

I started another Baby Sophisticate sweater a few weeks ago and I made some modifications to the size because I wanted to make sure it would fit my grandson who will be 1 year old next weekend.  However, I think I may have miscalculated!  It’s possible he won’t be able to wear this until his 2nd birthday, ugh!  I’m too far along now to rip it all out (I just don’t have the stomach for that) so I’ll keep on going and if I’m right about the sizing, he’ll just have something to look forward to next year…lol!

Baby Sophisicate 2  9.21.13


I also got the bright idea to start knitting squares that I will eventually put together to make a blanket (oh dear, how long will that take!).  I’m loosely using the Knit Sampler Afghan pattern as a guide but I’m also looking for other patterns to keep it interesting.  I’ve completed one Basket weave square and then I started looking for other patterns.  I found patterns for dishcloths that I’m modifying to make into larger squares – I want mine to be about 10×10.  I’ve started the Heart pattern here…

Sampler blanket 9.21.13